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Providing Targeted Solutions to Complex Watershed & Natural Resource Projects

With extensive experience in watershed and natural resource projects, Source to Sea Consulting guides and assists clients through the various stages of project development, analysis, and implementation. Specialized in planning, capacity assessment, resource integration, technical assistance, and project management, we excel at optimizing the resources, tools, and strategies proven to succeed. Our broad knowledge and proven expertise add value to projects regardless of scale, complexity, and geography. Nimble and diversified, we provide target solutions for reaching your goals.


Source to Sea provides a full suite of services targeted towards a variety of natural resource and environmental projects. Our trusted expertise supports all aspects of a project from scoping and assessment to management and implementation. By integrating tools, resources, and strategies we generate innovative, long-lasting results.


Source to Sea specialize in complex, multidisciplinary efforts that need creative thinking, coordination, and integration. We serve a wide range of solution-oriented clients and interests. Projects include: river, stream, and salt marsh restorations; fish passage and habitat connectivity initiatives; and watershed scale collaborations.


Source to Sea works with non-profit organizations, Native American tribes, municipalities, and government agencies at the local, state, and national level. We have a proven track record at building collaboration among diverse interests and stakeholders. We pride ourselves in taking a targeted approach and broad perspective.

Proven success

Prior to starting Source to Sea Consulting, Laura and George worked together to coordinate and implement the historic Penobscot River Restoration Project. This unprecedented collaborative, public-private effort aimed to restore severely depleted populations of Atlantic salmon, American shad, short-nose sturgeon and Atlantic sturgeon, river herring and other sea-run fish by improving access to nearly 2000 miles of historic habitat by strategically addressing fish passage barriers while maintaining hydropower generation.




The Penobscot Project deployed a combination of dam removal and innovative fish passage strategies to achieve unprecedented restoration outcomes in this major and ecologically important river system. From its headwaters near Mount Katahdin, the Penobscot River system is the second largest source of fresh water to the Gulf of Maine, comprising nearly 1/3 of Maine's land area.

Through a comprehensive agreement between conservation groups, industry, and state, federal and tribal resource agencies to strategically rebalance river assets, the non-profit Penobscot River Restoration Trust was established to implement the project goals with industry interests, community issues, and economic opportunities.

To do this, the Penobscot Trust led collaboration among diverse project partners to successfully meet project needs including financing, capacity building, constituent engagement, permitting, and contracting to construct several major fish passage and infrastructure projects.

Laura and George coordinated a diverse team of restoration professional and partners - representing conservation groups as well as state, federal and tribal resource agencies - consultants, contractors, legal and scientific professionals.

The Penobscot Project - and Laura as its Executive Director - received wide recognition and awards from the River Network, Atlantic Salmon Federation, U.S. Department of Interior.

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